The uMlalazi Publicity Office in Eshowe is the main tourism information centre but satellite kiosks, information boards and pamphlet stands are distributed throughout the region.

The uMlalazi Publicity Office is situated in Osborn Road, adjacent to the Eshowe Town Hall. A 24-hour info kiosk is situated outside the office.

In Mtunzini, tourism information can be found in the Municipal Offices adjacent to the library or at The Fat Cat Restaurant in Station Road and The Hearty Meal Restaurant in Hely Hutchinson Road. A 24-hour info map is situated at the entrance to town and a 24-hour kiosk can be found in the park opposite Spar in Hely Hutchinson Road.

Several Service Stations on the main routes are also stocked with tourism information.

www.visitzululand.co.za is the official website of the uMlalazi Tourism Association which promotes tourism in the uMlalazi Local Municipality.

uMlalazi – which is made up of the towns of Eshowe, Mtunzini and Gingindlovu, the villages of Amatikulu and Ntumeni, together with a considerable rural hinterland – covers one of the largest geographical areas of all municipalities in South Africa, with a total area of some 2 217 km3 and a population just short of 250 000.

It is a region of dramatic contrasts – not only in its landscape and history but also in the economic realities of its residents’ daily life.

More than 80% of uMlalazi residents earn less than R1 500 per month while only 2% earn more than R5 000 a month. Just over 2% have reached a tertiary level education while 30% have either no formal education or a basic education.

Almost 90% of the residents of uMlalazi depend on rivers, dams and springs for water – only 4% have access to piped domestic water.


uMlalazi Municipality’s vision for the future is founded on the following three pillars:

To integrate the fragmented nature of community structures of local government under the apartheid years.

Access to all basic services, including water, sanitation, roads, electricity and social services.

Poverty eradication.


Contact Details:


uMlalazi Publicity Officer




Tel: 035 473 3359

Email: RonelH@umlalazi.org.za



 Office Hours:

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07h15 - 16h00


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